balance your personal & business life

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balance your personal & business life


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The Trustee’s Guide to
Trust Screening

This is a Free Guide.


  • Training.
  • Sample Language & Documents.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial’s.
  • Webinar’s
  • Trusts & Estates Course 101 for Beginner’s
  • Trusts & Estates Course for Professionals or Fiduciary’s



  • Tasks.
  • Duties & Responsibilities.
  • Education
  • Trustee Executor
  • Administration Management
  • Practice Management
  • Financial Processes
  • Managerial Trusts & Estates



  • Remediation.
  • Process & Procedure.
  • Sales.
  • Forms.
  • Checklists.



  • Trust Officer’s.
  • Fiduciaries.
  • Law Student’s.
  • Attorney’s.
  • CPA’s.
  • RIA’s.



  • Trust Company’s.
  • Credit Unions.
  • Registered Investment Advisors.
  • Banks.



  • Beneficiaries.
  • Heirs.
  • Grantors.
  • Trustees.
  • Executors.
  • Trust Protectors.
  • Distribution Advisor’s.
  • Investment Manager’s.



I didn’t realize how hard it was keeping trusts & estates going. After struggling to figure it out, I asked TrustSmarter to take over the entire process. It is the best decision I have made thus far, without question. “

– Kay S.

I didn’t realize how long and tedious it could be to find a trust company. After much time and several visits to various financial instituions, I asked VirtualCash to help me find a trust company. The TrustSmarter program helped me find a trust company.  I am thankful for the decision I made thus far, without reservation. “

– Janet S.


Individual trustees and executors, family households and professionals need trusts & estates expertise, personal solutions and answers to their problems.


Specializing in personal trusts & estates education, training, administration and compliance, we integrate technology, fiduciary knowledge, and support services with up-to-date information. All our services are tailored to your goals and needs. Our mission is to promote the growth and success of the trusts and estates business and help individual fiduciaries throughout the United States. To fulfill that mission, we utilize a network of members and provide education, information and advocacy services that meet the unique needs of our members.

We will provide valuable services and solutions to our trusts & estates members is comprised of To provide our members with a special benefit and to facilitate peer networking among our community of Wealth Management and Trust professionals, we offer this searchable directory entailing members’ contact information.

Professional and individual fiduciaries, trust officers, attorney’s, law students looking to start or expand their trusts & estates practice and business; grantors, executors, beneficiaries, heirs, trustees who want to learn about trusts and estates. You are here for a reason and we will help!












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